Dewfall Mosaic

Joanna works with many schools every year on a variety of small and large projects.

A5 Flyer School Mosaics 2024

A school mosaic workshop can result in individual coasters inspired by curriculum themes such as Romans or Mini-Beasts  or a team project to produce a welcoming mosaic mural  in celebration of school values or, for example, to commemorate an event.

Mosaic Coaster Workshops

Roman Coasters by Yr 4 at Purbrook Juniors, Hants.

Above: Roman inspired coasters by Yr 4.

Joanna can work with 2 classes in one day with each pupil  learning how to cut and manipulate mosaic tiles in a safe  way to produce their own mosaic coaster to keep.

Mosaic Murals

An opportunity for team collaboration throughout the whole  school community from the design stage through to the  completion of the mural. Different age groups can be involved  in a variety of ways from detailed cutting work to placing  a few tiles on a simple border. Parents/volunteers can also  be involved and learn new skills along the way.  Joanna uses materials and techniques to ensure that exterior  mosaic panels are completely weatherproof and extremely  durable with little or no maintenance required for many years.  Each mosaic project is unique and Joanna will give a bespoke  quote once certain variables have been discussed:

  • Interior or Exterior site
  • Numbers and ages of pupils to be involved
  • Levels of participation
  • Levels of adult support available


Joanna amalgamates pupils’ drawings into one design to fulfil the  schools’ brief. Joanna can also visit school for a design workshop  with the pupils for a half day fee plus travel if required.


Joanna works with small groups of pupils on the detail of the mural  with one or more adults from the school community giving support.  This ensures a safe working environment and a high standard of  detail. Participants have often remarked on the calm and focussed  atmosphere during a mosaic workshop.